Credit: BĂ©atrice Mellinger
Which art service is right for you?

The choice depends on how quickly you want results and see your art career take off.


We offer you the following options to choose from:

  • - Total Artist Management
  • - Other Services


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Personal and impactful art career services. What every artist dream of.


Our services are established to provide you, the artist, with the best possible solutions to enable you to focus on the most important thing--your creative process. With all the day-to-day administrative responsibilities managed by us, you can now spend the much needed time in your studio doing what you do best--excersizing your talent to its fullest potential.


Our service objectives are to:

  • - Help you establish your career
  • - Meet your goals
  • - Secure exhibits
  • - Deal with art dealers, curators, press, and any other party


Artists can choose from the services we offer:

  • - Total Artist Management - career management
  • - Other Services - web, design, print, consultation

Total Artist Management Service


Start-up Fee: $1,000

Monthly Service Fee: $125

Commissions: 50% (see details below)


The Total Artist Management is your full-service artist agent managing every aspect of your art career. It is a comprehensive career plan that will get your art career moving into high gear.


The start-up fee covers your initial consultation, account set-up, review and edit of files produced to us, portfolio set-up, technologies, studio visit, and administrative costs.


Commissions: 50% on all Internet sales, licensing agreements, or from art shows that we organize. We do not take any commissions on gallery shows we secure on your behalf, nor do we take commissions on reproduction rights we secure for you, unless we are the party entering into an agreement with the artist. In that case, a separate agreement will be negotiated.


Artist may cancel at any time if not satisfied with our services. No part of the start-up fee is refundable.


Benefits of the Total Artist Management Service:

  • Full Administrative Support
  • Technology Services / Online Presence
  • Corporate Art Sales strategy
  • Licensing
  • Design and Print
  • Publishing
  • Insurance
  • Lectures / Education
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Ongoing Consultations
  • Contract Reviews and Negotiations
  • Quarterly (or as needed) to:
    - Identify career goals
    - Develop career strategies
    - Track career development
  • Show Opportunities. We make every effort to secure shows and representation from galleries.


Details of Total Artist Management Service:



  • Portfolio: create CDs/packages to send to galleries, art centers, museums, interior designers, architects, art consultants, art corporate buyers, and more
  • Will create video interviews to post online
  • Manage contracts with galleries, art dealers, buyers, etc.
  • Maintain up-to-date bios, artist resumes, artist statement, essays, articles, etc.
  • Archive images with detailed information
  • Maintain customer list
  • Send show invites/announcements to mailing list and media
  • Will respond to client inquiries, questions, and any other matters relating to your art career
  • Will provide quarterly reports on progress/sales



  • Receive ongoing consultations to discuss, review, and refine your artistic career goals; and to continually review and update your artist resume, artist statement, and portfolio.



  • Will schedule speaking engagements with universities, museums, art centers, conferences, libraries, and other appropriate venues
  • Will work with you to create or to participate in workshops and seminars


Technology Services / Online Presence

  • Develop and maintain artist Web site
  • Develop pages or post artist portfolio on various art sites servicing the art world
  • Develop pages on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social network sites and post video interviews on YouTube
  • Will include in online directory of Caribbean artists, if applicable (in development), and in other arts directories


Licensing and Publishing

  • Will explore and actively pursue licensing and publishing opportunities for your art


Shows (Pre and Post)

  • Handle all requirements for shows we organize: invitations, announcements, mailings
  • Provide requested material to show organizers or media
  • Follow-up with potential clients
  • Handle and process sales
  • Arrange for return of works, if through a gallery or other art institution


Design and Print

  • Design catalog for promotional purposes
  • Design and print invitations/announcements for shows we organize
  • Design Artist Catalog (for additional costs)



  • Will conduct research on grants that you can apply for
  • Recommend professional associations to join
  • Opportunities with institutions, such as, IDB Cultural Center, Embassies, non-profits, etc.



  • Will develop strategy to reach corporate art buyers
  • Will actively pursue corporate art buyers to expand your sales potential



  • Will submit Press Releases for major shows
  • Will submit show announcements to our growing mailing list of art collectors, media, art professionals, and art enthusiasts
  • Advertisements in art magazines (beginning in year 2 of contract)



  • Your works will be insured for shows we organize, which includes works in transit



  • Will draw up or review any legal contracts required to deal with galleries, museums, and other institutions
  • Will negotiate and implement contracts, agreements, or arrangements with parties that work to your benefit
  • Help manage any legal issues that may arise; seek counsel when needed


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