17th International Biennial for Graphic Humor Art Cuba 2011

17th International Biennial for Graphic Humor Art Cuba 2011 

"To think and draw for tomorrow"
From March 27-29, 2011
Main Venue: San Antonio de los Baños
Second Venue: Havana

The Circle of Humorists and Cartoonists from Union de Periodistas de Cuba and the Museum of Humor Art in San Antonio de los Baños call for the 17th International Biennial for Graphic Humor Art Cuba 2011, which will be held March 27 to 29. The event is co-sponsored by the Latin American Federation of Journalists (FELAP) and Direccion Provincial de Cultura.

We are calling graphic humor artists from all over the world to prevent war with their brushes, as a motor for laugh and thought. Today, more than ever, brush strokes of daily struggle can contribute to peace and stop imperial prepotency, the same that pretends to cut the wings of committed art, the same prepotency that keeps people unjustly in United States prisons. It has been twelve years since five Cubans who were fighting against terrorism have been held in prison. For them we call out: Freedom Now!

Having the privilege and opportunity granted to us by Mother Nature to multiply its range of colors, sounds, balance and harmony, let us all preserve a planet worth living, in which soul and consciousness defend life. Let us say No to nuclear weapons. For a world that is badly in need of having children, young people, parents and grandparents sharing welfare, we issue the call to graphic humor artists to think and draw for tomorrow.

Graphic Humor Contest 

Participation in the event is open to all professionals in the field of graphic humor who can compete in the following categories:

* General Humor
* Political Satire
* Humoristic Cartoon Strip
* Personal Caricature
* Humoristic Photography

"Eduardo Abela" Prize, the highest award from the contest, is granted in homage to this outstanding Cuban cartoonist (1889-1965).

We will accept original or digitally processed works (printed and with the signature of the author) in any technique, and with a maximum size of 30 x 40 cm in any of the above-mentioned categories.

For the very first time, we will award "Tomy" online Prize in memory of our beloved cartoonist Tomas Rodriguez Zayas who recently passed away. The Prize will be awarded to the work that better expresses the meaning of the economical, financial, and commercial blockade on the part of the United States against Cuba. For this award, we will only accept the works sent by email to: Humor

Each author can send one work for each of the announced categories in the contest, plus another work opting for "Tomy" Prize.

For each submission, the following information from the author must be included:

First and Last Name (Also artistic name)
Category and Prize opted from the contest
Mailing Address

The works, conveniently packed, will be received until January 31, 2011 at:

Union de Periodistas de Cuba (UPEC)
XVII Bienal Internacional de Humorismo Grafico
Calle 23 no.452, Vedado, Cuba. CP 10 400
Telefonos: 832- 37 22 / 832- 45 59 ext.116

The Jury

An international jury, made up of prestigious figures in the field of graphic humor, will select a certain number of works to be exhibited at the 17th International Salon of Graphic Humor Art in San Antonio de los Baños. The Jury will also grant the prizes.


- Eduardo Abela Prize - Diploma and 1000 CUC
- First, second, and third place awards in each category - Diploma.
- "Tomy" Prize on line receives a Diploma and a work from this author.

As part of the tradition, several Cuban cultural and social institutions are integrated in the contest and also award different prizes.

Meetings of humor graphic artists

From March 27 to March 29, there will be exhibitions, theoretical workshops, and artistic creation in San Antonio de los Baños and in Havana City. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences and have their works known to others (do not leave your art portfolio at home), and can share their views on the role of humor in the 21st century.

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