National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Job Openings

Bahamas. Please submit the following information to the Director of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas by the DEADLINE: Monday, May 10, 2011. Please follow the submission directions carefully. Failure to adhere to submission requirements may result in disqualification of application.

a. Letter of introduction and intent
b. Full resume
c. Copies of exam qualifications and degrees earned (originals will have to be presented at the interview)
d. Three reference letters with phone and email contacts of authors
e. Passport-sized photo

About The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is the first institution of its kind in the history of The Bahamas. In 1996, Prime Minister Ingraham first announced the establishment of The National Art Gallery as part of an expanded system of museums. The Government's initiative to support a national art gallery reflects an understanding of how such institutions assist in nation building.

The Gallery opened in July 2003 in historic Villa Doyle. It is a corporation managed by a Board of Directors with the mission to collect, preserve, document and promote a National Collection of art for the benefit and education of Bahamians and the wider international audience. The NAGB assists in defining the Bahamian art movement that has, to this point, developed informally and works to support national, regional and international collaborations and exhibition opportunities and exchanges of art and artists. The National Art Gallery supports the artistic community by extending its audiences, helping to define its standards and practices, and by broadening its impact. 

It is a vibrant and energetic work place that serves to cultivate all who walk through its doors.



Curatorial Trainee

Full Time

Job Description:
This position supports the work of the curatorial staff and focuses on the training of the individual in professional museum practices.

Reports To:

Responsibilities: Assist the Director and Curators with exhibitions, collections management, research, public programming, merchandising, membership and gallery promotion.

High School Diploma. 5 BGCSEs Grade C or above and or two years of college.

Two weeks after first year 

Annual gratuity in lieu of formal pension benefits. 

Probation Period:
One Year



Assistant Curator

Full Time

Job Description:
Conducts the research, development, design and installation of exhibitions, under the supervision of the Director/Curator.

Reports To:

We are seeking a creative and dedicated person to assist the Director/Curator with practical execution of the exhibition plan, and physical management of the National Collection.
- Conceive, research, develop and design exhibitions for the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas under the supervision of the Director/Curator;
- Assist in the conservation and physical management of the National Collection;
- Assist in the development and production of educational materials associated with exhibitions;
- Manage art-handling procedures, such as assistance with paper work (condition reports and installation work sheets), temporary storage, and gallery wall preparations for exhibition, art installation, and wall texts and labeling;
- Maintain appropriate cataloguing, records and standards in keeping with professional practices; - Other responsibilities include coordinating closely with others in the general maintenance of the gallery exhibition floor and gallery events, orchestrating events, showings and viewings;
- Responsibility of training and supervising tour guides and leading tours when necessary;
- This assistant curator role extends to assistance with logistics of events such as exhibition openings, lectures, readings, and concerts.

- Bachelor Degree (Masters Degree preferred) in art history or museum studies/cultural studies with a strong art history component;
- Two to four years museum/gallery experience in the production of exhibitions and collections care, including one year in a museum/gallery/curatorial leadership role desired;
- Excellent writing and oral communication skills;
- Creative thinker, resourceful, flexible;
- Strong work ethic;
- Attention to detail, good organizational skills and ability to manage multiple concurrent projects are essential;
- Must be able to work well under pressure to meet deadlines;
- Ability to work under direction yet the ability to exercise appropriate initiative and independence is necessary;
- Computer experience using Apple hardware and software;
- Ability to bend, stretch, use ladders and lift up to 30 lbs. Required;
- This is an exciting opportunity to experience working in a rich, historical setting while promoting the fine arts.

Three weeks after first year

Ten percent contractual gratuity in lieu of formal pension/health benefits.

Probation Period:
One Year




Full Time

Job Description:
The Curator is responsible for the selection, presentation care and academic interpretation of the National Collection and the development of an exhibition schedule for the National Art Gallery. The Curator has a clear vision for the Gallery's exhibition programme and how the National Collection is researched, documented and interpreted.

Reports To:

- Managing museum collections;
- Plan and coordinate the gallery's exhibition programme and direct and coordinate exhibit activities;
- Assist the Director in administering museum activities;
- Coordinate and plan traveling exhibitions;
- The selection and acquisition of works for the National Collection and the supervision of the Acquisitions Committee;
- Develop and ensure the growth of the National Collection;
- Research and write history and descriptions of Collection items to properly illustrate display and catalogue items;
- Solicit & secure international exhibition opportunities for Bahamian Art;
- Assist Director in securing funding/sponsorship for exhibitions;
- Develops and implements a conservation programme to preserve the Collections;
- Analyzes and recommends Gallery needs to the Director;
- In consultation with Director, review and revise Collection, Exhibition and Lending policies of Gallery every three years as well as manage the enforcement of these policies;
- Assess all requests to reproduce images of objects from the National Collection making recommendations to Director;
- Supervise the packing and shipping of all objects being placed on loan to other institutions or being returned to lenders;
- Plan and supervise curatorial trips for Members and the general public to various regional and international art events as part of the Gallery's travel programme;
- Reviews financial information to project needs; prepares budget for Director's approval;
- Participate in the creation and implementation of a strategic plan

Principal accountabilities include:
- Coordinates exhibit design, planning, production, and installation including working with visual artists and raising funds to support the projects;
- Catalog and care for the current Gallery Collection and new acquisitions according to established methods and practices, including overseeing database museum collections;
- Research and compile materials for inclusion in the public arts programmes and for the use in exhibit programmes and publications, working closely with the Education Officer;
- Supervision and production of exhibition publications under the review of the Director and with the assistance of the Education Officer;
- Builds the collections for the Museum through gift and purchases and directs research to support collection acquisitions;
- Supervises the Assistant Curator, Curatorial Assistants, Curatorial Trainees, Interns and Docents; - Staff training;
- Organization of educational and public outreach programmes such as tours, workshops, and lectures; - Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

- Masters Degree (PhD Preferred)
- 4-6 years of experience working in an art gallery, museum or related environment, a portion of those years must be in a leadership role.
- Knowledge of:
1. National and regional artists and art histories in relation to international art histories and market trends;
2. Museum policies, practices, and procedures;
3. Cataloguing software for museums;
4. Contemporary exhibit design and fabrication methods; scale, balance, proportion, and colour.
5. Knowledge or familiarity with architecture, graphic and building design
6. Knowledge of materials and basic conservation of objects.

- Additional required experience includes the ability to:
1. Develop educational outreach programmes to all ages;
2. Attract new audiences and audience participation;
3. Perform accessing and cataloguing activities of museum materials;
4. Develop and implement conservation and preservation plans for the art collection;
5. Maintain records, prepare reports, and conduct correspondence;
6. Edit materials and articulate exhibit concepts and designs;
7. Research and write on a very high level;
8. Communicate effectively;
9. Think creatively and in an innovative manner;
10. Be resourceful and flexible;
11. Work with artists and prospective donors;
12. Work long hours, including some nights and weekends for exhibit openings, receptions and special projects;
13. Travel when necessary;
14. Work on a ladder and lift artwork;
15. Work well with others in a small environment;
16. Supervise and evaluate the performance of workers;
17. Develop long and short-term goals within the context of a larger plan, and simultaneously work to see them all achieved;
18. Ability to transform complex ideas into forms that can be understood by the general public.
The applicant must possess a strong work ethic, attention to detail, good organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and meet deadlines.

Four weeks after first year 

Ten percent contractual gratuity in lieu of formal pension and health benefits.

Probation Period: 

One Year




Full Time 

Job Description:
The Director's work is primarily administrative and ensures the efficient and productive operation of the Gallery in keeping with its mission. All Gallery positions report directly or indirectly to the Director.

Reports To:
The Board of Directors

The operation, development and physical maintenance of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas: - Draft and administer institutional budget;
- Develop and implement strategic plan for the growth of the NAGB;
- Prepare annual reports for public and membership;
- Prepare annual insurance valuation of museum holdings (in consultation with Curator) for Insurers and Auditors;
- Draft policy documents for the operation of the NAGB with independent consultants and curators where necessary. Manage the implementation of policies once approved by the Board;
- Assess and manage the NAGB's human resource needs:
a. Prepare job descriptions and career paths;
b. Solicit job applications;
c. Staff appraisals;
d. Reassess institutional staffing chart on a yearly basis according to growth path of institution;
e. Research and implement support programmes for staff;
f. Manage conflict resolution among staff and determine disciplinary action where necessary.
- Plan and implement in consultation with Curators, Education Officer, Staff and general public, educational programmes for the Gallery;
- Solicit and oversee collaborative projects with other organizations, ministries and departments; - Administer day to day operations of the Gallery;
- Administer all capital projects and institutional projects of the NAGB including but not limited to: a. Expansion of the NAGB Annex building;
b. Extension of Gallery grounds into eastern Hospital Lane Property;
c. Ongoing development of the NAGB Art Library and Reading Room.
- In consultation with the Curator and Acquisitions Committee, solicit and administer acquisitions for the National Collection;
- Administer the production of all Gallery publications and supervise the completion of all official annual ISBN reports;
- Administer Gallery PR, marketing and website maintenance;
- Oversee the Gallery's Development Projects Including:
a. The Gallery's membership programme;
b. Solicit funding for the development of the NAGB Endowment Fund;
c. Solicit funding for the Brent Malone Artist-in-Residence Fund;
d. Solicit funding for exhibition and collection development;
e. Cultivate donors and collectors to donate to the Gallery.
- Draft and administer contracts for staff, consultants and guest curators;
- In consultation with the Curator, oversee the implementation of a sound curatorial programme for the Gallery which includes the scheduling of the Gallery's exhibition programme and enforcement of Gallery's collection management and general curatorial policies.
- Supervise the Gallery's Travel Programme;
- Supervise the care and maintenance of the gallery's building and grounds;
- Director may choose to curate an exhibition in consultation with the Curator;
- Director is a Member of the NAGB Board of Directors and must prepare monthly reports for Board. 

- Masters Degree (PhD Strongly Preferred) in Art History or related field;
- Five to ten years museum/gallery/academic experience - at least two years in a leadership role;
- Knowledge of the field;
- Strong leadership skills;
- Strong work ethic;
- Creative and imaginative thinker;
- Excellent people skills;
- Ability to multi-task;
- Ability to formulate and implement short and long term goals;
- Ability to maintain mental clarity/strong cognitive skills for long periods of time;
- Ability to think and plan well into the future while managing in the present;
- Excellent communication skills - written and oral.
- Ability to manage people and motivate workers to support institutional goals;
- A diverse knowledge base while specializing in art, art history and visual studies;
- Ability to deal with extreme emotions privately;
- Must have an eye for detail and public presentation;
- Useful but not mandatory to have knowledge or familiarity with architecture, building design and mechanical systems;
- Possess a sound vision for the institution that extends beyond time of service;
- A teaching spirit;
- Strong design/aesthetic skills;
- Strong language, writing and research skills;
- Possess and maintain extensive knowledge of field nationally, regionally, and internationally;
- Strong professional links in field with colleagues;
- A firm understanding of the role and value of the institution nationally, regionally and internationally. 

Five Weeks

- Ten percent contract gratuity in lieu of formal pension and health benefits.
- A car with gas, insurance and licensing coverage. 

Probation Period:
One Year

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